Wolfgang PIRKER

Wolfgang Pirker, born and raised in Vienna Austria, received the medical degree in human medicine from the Medical University Vienna/Austria in the year 1986 and got a degree in dental doctor ship 1990 and a degree in maxillofacial surgery 1997.
Since 1991 he is working in his private practice in Vienna/Austria, developing root-analogue immediate zirconia dental implants (RAZI), scientific publications in internationals top journals on the principle of “differentiated osseointegration”.


Immediate Root Analogue Zirconia Implants (RAZI) placed non-surgical


We are deeply honored and looking forward to take you to an amazing journey into the new medical field of the most innovative, immediate, root analogue, fully ceramic dental implant solution, based on the principle of “differentiated osseointegration” produced with up to date CAD/CAM technology. This implant solution enables all family dentists to place immediate dental implants in just few minutes without any surgery.
You will hear the principle and history of root analogue dental implants, indications, contra-indications, challenges in collecting the STL data from the root, impression, DVT or CT scans, modification of the root form, widening the indication with root extensions, importance of macro retentions and their orientation for primary stability, enhancing osseointegration with micro retentions, case presentations in all regions, single and multirooted, with up to 12 years follow-up, success rates, pitfalls as well trouble shooting. Finally, we will give you a look into the near future producing root analogue zirconia dental implants (RAZI) in a fully digital production line.