He was born in Ankara 12.09.1965. He graduated in University of Hacettepe Dental School in 1987. He has got MBA degree from İ.Ü. Business Administration Institute in 1988. He started to work at the Periodontology Department in 1988. In 1989 he continued to work at the Department of Oral Implantology. He achieved the med.dent title by completing PhD thesis named ' The comparable examination of the different oral hygiene instruments effects on dental implants in 1993. He has got the title of assistant professor and in 1995 and title of professor in 2001. He has been working at the same department. His is currently president of the Turkish Society of Oral Implantology and he is member of several scientific society. He is married and has a son.

The philosophy of implantology in the aesthetic zone treatments, safe , different treatment planning, and digital implantology

The Philosophy of Implantology In The Aesthetic Zone Treatments, Safe , Different Treatment Planning, and Digital Implantology Contemporarily, implantology science continues to work with full effort to make treatment approaches more aesthetically, more reliable and more permanent everyday. In particular, the concept of success has more parameters and the patients expectations are increasing even more in every respect. From this point of view, the treatment plan has become more important in implant treatments especially in the aesthetic zone. Techniques, timing and materials we use creates the basis of a success. In this presentation, we will talk about the safest treatment planning when entering the aesthetic zone in terms of multidisciplinary approach and the contributions of the contemporary technology to the treatment plan which is digital implantology,