She graduated from Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey with DDS, and received her PhD degree in Department of Operative Dentistry from Selçuk University, Konya, Turkey. Dr. Belli held the positions of chair and professor in Department of Endodontics, Selçuk University, Konya, Turkey for 10 years. Her current position is Professor of Department of Endodontics at the same university. She worked at Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Medical College of Georgia as visiting researcher. She has published and lectured extensively on dental materials including dental composites, adhesives, glass or polyethylene fibre reinforcement materials, conservative restoration of extensive cavities, restoration of endodontically treated teeth, post and core restorations, finite elemental analysis studies, bonding to the endodontic surfaces, cuspal deflection, and biocompatibility of dental materials.

The best post is ‘no post’: Is it really true?

Post-core materials are widely used to form a core structure and to provide a retention to the further prosthetic restoration. Although materials compatible with dental tissues are more prevalent in recent years, problems related to post-core restorations have not been fully resolved. Clinical and laboratory studies have shown that post restorations weaken teeth and cause vertical fractures. This has caused us to question ourselves about whether post-core restorations are really necessary. In this conference the failures due to post-core restorations, the solutions for these failures, alternative restoration techniques, clinical applications of these techniques, the necessity and the future of post-core restorations will be discussed.


Biomimetics: How close are we to the natural?


According to the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry, Biomimetic dentistry is a type of tooth- conserving dentistry, treats weak, fractured, and decayed teeth in a way that keeps them strong and seals them from bacterial invasion. Today, with the recent developments in adhesive dentistry and with the help of fiber reinforcement materials, it has become much more easy to create biomimetic restorations. Is it possible to save teeth for a long time with biomimetic restorations in the endodontics clinic? In this conference, the answer of this question will be explained and biomimetic restoration of endodontically treated teeth will be discussed in the context of clinical cases.