Prof. Dr. Ali Rıza Alpöz was born in 22.08.1965 in Izmir. He graduated from Ege University Faculty of Dentistry, in 1987 and started working as an assistant in Pedodontics department in the same year. During 1991 and 1992, he continued his PhD studies at the Faculty of Dentistry, Nijmegen University, The Netherlands, using Turkish Council of Higher Education scholarship and earned his PhD in 1994. In June 1997 he worked as a guest researcher in Oral Microbiology and Pedodontics Department of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Helsinki, Finland. He became an Associate Professor in 1998 and Professor in 2004.

Alpöz, who has published more than 100 publications in Turkey, is married to Esin Alpöz, who is a Professor of Maxillofacial Radiology and is the father of a boy. His foreign language is English.

Restorative materials used in pediatric dentistry in all aspects

Tooth caries and the materials used for restorations are among the most important topics of dentistry. In recent years due to the chemical substances that the restorative materials contain, the use of many restoration materials and adhesives in children and adults are questioned and new products are constantly being developed . In this presentation, the restorative and adhesive materials used in pediatric dentistry will be evaluated in all aspects and the characteristics of past restoration materials and their application in pediatric dentistry will be explained.