I finished Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine in 1983. I completed my specialist education in Gazi University Faculty of Medicine Department of Chest Diseases in 1991. I received the title of assistant professor in the same department in 1995, associate professor in 1996, and professor in 2002. I worked as chief coordinator, assistant chief physician and vice dean. I studied abroad at Turku University Hospital, Finland; Tokyo Tuberculosis Research Institute, Japan and Illinois University Hospital Sleep Center, USA.

In 1994, I founded the first respiratory sleep center in our country. In 2006, I founded the Sleep Society (Uykuder) and I was the general president of this association for two terms. I am currently serving as Director of Gazi University Faculty of Medicine Department of Chest Diseases, Director of Sleep Disorders Center, SGK Higher Health Board Member, TÜSAD Central Board Member, Respiratory-365 Project President and TÜSAD Academy President.

General Measures and Medical Treatment

The gold standard treatment method of OSAS is PAP treatment, and the first stage general measures are applied in OSAS treatment regardless of the severity of the disease. These include weight loss, restraint of supine position, avoidance of alcohol and sedative hypnotics, treatment of accompanying diseases, and warning of traffic and work accidents that patients often cause.

While trying many drugs in the treatment of OSAS, the most accepted view for today is; there is no place for drugs in OSAS treatment yet. There are also newly developed treatments such as oral pressure therapy (OPT), nasal expiratory positive pressure therapy (NEPAP), and hypoglossal nerve stimulation (HNS).