Jean van LIEROP

After graduating from the University of Stellenbosch in 1999, Dr Jean van Lierop spent some time in private practice in the Netherlands and United Kingdom. He achieved his PDD in Aesthetic Dentistry at the University of Western Cape (Cum Laude) and is completing an MSc in Restorative Dentistry at the same university. He currently runs a private practice in Cape Town focused on interdisciplinary aesthetic dentistry. He is a visiting lecturer at the University of the Western Cape’s post graduate restorative department and a coordinator of bridging programs for newly qualified dentists.

Dr van Lierop is passionate about modern adhesive techniques in direct restoratives and all-porcelain restorations. Using these modern materials in a minimally invasive approach to help restore a patients health and confidence. This passion has seen him present numerous cases and concepts to local and international colleagues throughout Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

In 2010 Dr van Lierop was a founding member of The South African Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (SAAAD) and currently serves on the executive as President. Jean is a long standing member and Fellow of the International Team for Implantology (ITI).

Having worked in the field of aesthetic dentistry for many years, Jean has come to realize the importance of our smiles. This led him to establish fundraising drives such as ‘Uhuru Smile’ – Summiting Mnt Kilimanjaro to raise funds to operate on children born with facial deformities. In 2014 he was the instigator in the creation of “THE MAD RUN”, a 280km trail run across Table Mountain in aid of the Miles for Smiles Foundation for children born with facial deformities.

His passion for Dentistry is only equalled by his passion for an active life, having completed numerous local and international marathons, triathlons, cycle races and multi day events.

Areas of Interest: Minimal Invasive Dentistry, Direct Restoratives & Dental Bonding, Concervative Bonded Porcelain, the treatment of Dental Wear and Erosion

The Beauty in Colour

Composite in dentistry is a popular topic during dental congresses and debates worldwide. But despite all the advances in techniques and materials, the most asked and debated question still remains; “How do we get predictable colour matching in direct anterior composites”. Why is it that we are still having difficulty in achieving better colour matching? What techniques are available to help us achieve more predictable results? And the biggest question of all: “does it really matter?” During this presentation, Dr van Lierop will explore the difficulties we face in direct anterior restorations. He will look at the common problems we share and try and identify simple solutions that could help us overcome these problems in our every day practice.

We will discuss:

•Planning with the end in mind

•The importance of Shape, and Texture

•Simplified layering we can all use

•The place for a single shade

•It all depends on the finishing