- Dentist in general practice;
- President-elect of the FDI World Dental Federation
- President of the Academy of Dentistry International
- Past-president of Italian Dental Association
- Past-president of the European Regional Organization of FDI
- Author, co-author, peer reviewer and lecturer nationally and internationally
- Honorary member of many national and international societies.


Bone-augmentation: no-go versus go-for on a long term

Horizontal and vertical alveolar ridge defects of different complexity is often times the consequence of tooth loss. In order to achieve optimal functional and aesthetic results the bony situation needs to be taken care of prior to impact placement. Different techniques, the handling of autologous bone grafts as well as the use of bone substitutes are used to overcome the problems of bony, and as a consequence, soft tissue defects. The presentation shows how to achieve optimal results in different clinical situations. The pros and cons of the techniques shown in clinical cases and the materials of choice are discussed. All cases are presented in the light of scientific articles and reviews.

Learning objectives:

The participants will

  • Learn to take the optimal choice of techniques for a bone augmentation procedure
  • Learn to take the optimal choice of augmentation materials for a bone augmentation procedure
  • Learn how to handle the recipient site and to choose the specific donor site for a particular augmentation procedure
  • Be invited to critically look at bone substitutes, its use in post-extraction alveolar sockets and pre-implant augmentation procedures