1998 : Graduated from University of Marmara Faculty of Dentistry

2002: Phd degree at Prosthodontic Department at Marmara University

2014-2016 worked as Opinion Leader at Ivoclar Vivadent

2016 -…. : Working at Ivoclar Vivadent as “Proefessional Service Manager”

Dr.Esra is working at her private clinic since 2000 and having lectures on "Antetiror Esthetic Restorations" restorations

Laminate veneers vs. classical digital

Laminate veneers become more popular with the desire of the patients for the perfect looking smile every year. The professional approach of restorative dentistry has changed significantly with the development of new techniques. Using digital workflows is now a reality. The methods for scanning dental arches using intraoral systems has started to have place in the clinics. The advantages of the digital method are not only in terms of the new range of materials that can be used but also can be seen along the entire workflow, from impression and design, for completion of the porcelain laminate veneer. There are also several benefits for patients: scan requires less time than taking conventional impressions, the images can be immediately analyzed by the dentist, and it can be easily repeated, if necessary, either entirely or partially. There are also limitations of these new systems, which needs to be evaluated.