Having graduated from İstanbul University School of Dentistry in 1984, Engin Taviloğlu continues his studies particularly on field of esthetic dentistry in his private practice in İstanbul-Teşvikiye.He has been lecturing in seminars, giving hands-on courses and performing live case demonstrations on esthetic dentistry and composite applications in particular. He is the author of AN ATLAS OF COMPOSITE APPLICATIONS and some practical, clinical DVDs which published by Quintessence Publishing Inc. in Turkish.Engin Taviloğlu was a member of Executive Board for Turkish Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EDAD) for 19 years and continuously shares his cases and practical information about esthetic dentistry and particularly composite applications with many dentists in a social media group named “e-kompozit” which he has established on social media. He is an honorary member of Styleitaliano group representing Turkey.Engin Taviloğlu is married and has a son, speaks English and French and plays tenor saxophone. As an artist, he is interested in watercolor painting and many of his works take place in various collections. Being a former basketball player with a championship in Turkish 1st Basketball League, later a veteran tennis player with many prizes won in several tournaments, Taviloğlu is currently involved in golfing with many championships and represents his country in both domestic and international model aircraft contests.

Prefabricated Composite Veneers

Prefabricated composite veneers are produced in different sizes to apply onto patients’ teeth with necessary adjustments by using ordinary composite resins. Prefabricated composite veneers offer advantages due to fast and easy application mostly in a single session without preparation in many cases. Procedures performed using these veneers help us preserve the healthy teeth; thus they are used in minimal invasive dentistry. In this lecture we will discuss the advantages, limitations and different indications of prefabricated composite veneers. There will also be a short live workshop on stage showing step by step applications of prefabricated composite veneers.