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Prof. Dr. Zuhal Kırzıoğlu

Ergonomy, Posture and Exercises in Dentistry
Dentists are, facing with many risks including phsical, chemical, biological, ergonomic and work-related stress. Among these, the inadequacy of the ergonomic work atmosphere cause musculoskeletal diseases and consequently the emergence of pains.  They are at risk in terms of pain due to their continuous work in the same position in a limited space, to make repetitive movements throughout the day and use of high-speed devices.
This pain is seen especially on the shoulders, neck, back and waist region, hand wrist and elbone. In addition to musculoskeletal diseases, insomnia, restlessness, tension and loss of power occur during normal activities.
Because of these reasons, providing correct working posture by having ergonomy techniques is important in dentistry. Muscles should be strengthened with regular exercises, also. To perform simple exercises in short breaks between patient treatments will be useful. So, their quality of life will increase, fatigue will decrease and it will be possible of prevent economic losses for possible health problems' treatmens.


Graduated from Dentistry Faculty of Atatürk University in 1977, and in the same yaer started to work as an assistant in Treatment Department. She had ‘’ Ph. Dr. in Pedodontics’’ in 1981.She worked as the founder of Pedodontics Departments in Faculties of Dentistry both Atatürk University in Erzurum and Suleyman Demirel University in Isparta. Besides, being the head of departments she had administrative works.She presented many Professional and public conferences, she had been in Finland and Hungary with in Erasmus Programs and had Professional studies in North Caroline University, USA. She presented so many national and international projects, she had more than 200 national and international essays, congress statements more than 225 and has so many scientific prizes and has a patent also.Prof. Dr. Zuhal Kırzıoğlu presented advisorship fors o many master of science and Ph. Dr. Students. she is still the head of the Department of Pedodontics in Faculty of Dentistry in Suleyman Demirel University.