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Prof. Dr. Yurdanur Uçar

Contemporary Material Alternatives For Full- Ceramic Restorations

The lecture will cover the full-ceramic material alternatives that can be manufactured with both conventional and digital techniques including the case presentations. Critical issues that must be considered when sellecting the correct material will be mentioned.


Dr. Uçar graduated from Ankara University, Dental College in 1999 and was accepted to PhD program in Department of Prosthetic Dentistry in Çukurova University. She was awarded with a scholarship sponsored by Turkish Higher Education Council. In 2003 she started her graduate training in Ohio State University, USA and earned a Master of Science degree in Dental Materials in 2005 and a PhD degree in Oral Biology in 2007. She also graduated from PhD program in Prosthetic Dentistry in Çukurova University in 2007 and was assigned as assistant professor in the same department in 2008. Dr. Uçar earned associate professor position in 2012, full professor position in 2019. She served as Department Head and was Vice Dean for Educational Affairs. She is adjunct faculty in Department of Biotechnology and board member of the Biotechnology Center. She was board member in Health Sciences Institute. She also served as board member of Ankara Section of Turkish Prosthodontics and Implantology Association (TPID). She is board member of Implantology Research Group (IRG) under Internatioanal Association for Dental Research (IADR). She is past President of IADR-IRG. Dr. Uçar who has high citation records collaborated in in-vivo studies on dental implantology. She has research projects funded by TUBITAK, Çukurova University Scientific Project Unit, ITI, DENTSPLY and TFI. Her research interests are layered manufacturing, dental implantology, optical and mechanical properties of ceramic materials and hard tissue engineering.