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Prof. Dr. Tonguç Sülün

Rehabilitation Of the Vertical Dimension Of Occlusion an Temporomandibular Disorder
Temporomandibular disorders can be seen frequently in today’s society. One of the most important tools of a dentist by the management of patients with temporomandibular disorders is occlusal splints. It is generally accepted that the occlusal splint therapy is mainly a reversible treatment alternative. In this lecture firstly, the latest information and updates about temporomandibular disorders will be taught and later on, the indications and various preparing techniques of occlusal splints will be discussed in details. In the second part of the lecture the possible occlusal rehabilitations of the patients who were treated with occlusal splints will be discussed, too.


Tonguç Sülün was born in İstanbul in 1969. He graduated from İstanbul High School in 1987 and graduated from İstanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 1992. After graduation, he started with the PhD studies and receives his Dr Med. Dent. degree in 1999. He received his associate professor degree from the department of prosthodontics in 2007 and professor degree in 2014. Dr. Sülün continues to his studies as lecturer at the same university.
Dr. Sülün has worked as guest instructor and dentist at Munich Maximilian University in 1997-1998. He has 55 scientific articles which 25 of them published in international journals. He is author of 4 chapters in an international book and 3 chapters in two books which are published in Turkish.