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Prof. Dr. L. Şebnem Türkün

Endodontic Treatment is Done What’s Next?
In this two-part presentation, comprehensive information about post-endodontic restorations and procedures will be documented in the following topics from fundamental concepts to materials and their application techniques. Important factors to take into account while restoring root canal treated teeth will be described in details. The impact of the coronal restoration on the success and survival rate of endodontically treated teeth and the indications for post applications following root canal treatments will be discussed in details. The appropriate base and core materials used following root canal treatment will be listed. The importance of selecting direct, semi-direct or indirect techniques and the appropriate materials will be addressed. Then, the main points to consider in the fabrication of direct, semi-direct and indirect restorations will be explained. Flowable composites, Bulk-fil composite bases, Fiber Reinforced Composites and Fiber Strips used for the direct restorations will be discussed. Inlay-Onlay-Overlay and Endo-crown indications and fabrication techniques will be addressed. Examples of block alternatives for CAD/CAM system, their differences and cementation techniques to tooth will be explained in details.

Prof. Turkun was graduated from Ege University School of Dentistry in 1991. In 1998 she obtained her PhD degree in Restorative Dentistry, became an Associate Professor in 2004 and a Professor in 2009. She is currently working in Ege University School of Dentistry in the Department of Restorative Dentistry as a full time Professor.

Her principal areas of interest are adhesive dentistry, esthetic restorative materials and their clinical performance, antibacterial restorative materials, glass ionomer restoratives and minimal invasive dentistry. She published many international and national papers on her field of interest, participates as keynote speaker in many international and national congress and performed many workshops and hands-on courses.

She is a member of the IADR, EDAD, Turkish Association of Restorative Dentistry Association, MI European board and European Federation of Conservative Dentistry (EFCD) executive committee. She is the vice-president of the Turkish Association of Restorative Dentistry.

Since 2007, she is the translating editor of the journal ‘Quintessence Turkey’ and the board member of many international and national periodically published dental journals. She wrote a chapter in the book of ‘Esthetics in Dentistry’ published by Quintessence Publishing in 2016. The same year she also wrote a chapter in Turkish in the ‘Esthetic and restorative approaches in tooth wear’ book.

Prof. Dr. Sebnem Turkun is married and has a son.