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Prof. Dr. Salvatore Sauro

Advanced Bonding Approaches and Bioactive Materials for Long-lasting Restorations

Dental adhesion has improved considerably over the last ten years. Nevertheless, shortcomings such as premature bond reduction, interface and marginal degradation are still considered important issues in direct composite restorations. Enzymatic degradation of collagen fibrils within the hybrid layer and resin hydrolysis are the major causes of such issues. However, “smart” resin-based materials can interact therapeutically with dental hard tissues and reduce the degradation of the mineral-depleted resin-dentine interface and improve the durability of such restorations. Moreover, bio-bonding approaches may protect hybrid layers from degradation, and have a therapeutic role in caries prevention/treatment. Such modern ions-releasing adhesive materials have advanced biomimetic remineralising properties and an inhibitory effects on several proteolytic enzymes. Indeed, such bio-bonding approaches may evoke a “bottom-up” remineralisation process that restores the original stiffness of the demineralised dentine within the dentine-composite interface. Thus, the learning objectives of this lecture will be focused on degradation of the hybrid layer as principal cause for the decrease of the durability of resin-dentine bonds, and of the longevity of composite restorations. Moreover, the use of “smart” bioactive materials and innovative bonding approaches will be proposed as a possible solution to reduce the degradation of the mineral-depleted resin-dentine interface.


(Orcid number: 0000-0002-2527-8776)
Currently professor in dental biomaterials and minimally invasive dentistry at the “Departamento de Odontología, Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud, Universidad CEU-Cardenal Herrera”, coordinator of the "Dental Research" and Director (Principal Investigator) of the research group "In Situ Dental Tissues Engineering and Minimally Invasive Therapeutic Adhesive Rehabilitation" at the University CEU Cardinal Herrera of Valencia.
Professor Sauro is honorary senior lecturer, at the Faculty of Dentistry, Oral & Craniofacial Sciences, King's College London Dental Institute (KCLDI), and Visiting Professor in two other universities: 1) Federal University of Ceará, School of Dentistry, Fortaleza, Brazil; 2) Sechenov University of Moscow, School of Dentistry, Moscow, Russia.
He obtained his Ph.D in "Dental Biomaterials Research Pre-clinical Dentistry", and post-doctorate in "Dental Biomaterials/Pre-clinical Dentistry" at King's College London Dental Institute, London.
Professor Sauro has been working in dental biomaterials, preventive and minimally invasive dentistry research for 15 years (JCR - H-Index: 27), He has published, in collaboration with internationally renowned researchers, more than 100 articles in international peer-review journals with high impact in the dental field, more than 250 abstracts of research in international conferences, as well as two international and one national patents.
Professor Sauro is also part of the "editorial board" several peer-review journals such as the International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesive, Journal of Adhesive Dentistry, International Journal of Endodontics, Journal of Endodontics and the Journal of Dentistry. He is active member (Member-at-large) of the "IADR - International Association of Dental Research" and "AMD - Academy of Dental Materials".