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Prof. Dr. Özgür İlke Atasoy Ulusoy

Dental Root Resorptions: End of the Road?
Pathological root resorption is a chronic inflammatory process leading to progressive destruction of dental hard tissues including dentine and cementum and may be simply classified by their location as external or internal. Several potential etiological factors such as traumatic injury, orthodontic tooth movement, pulpal infection have been suggested to be responsible on the development and progression of the root resorption. The management of dental root resorptions may be a challenge to the clinicians if not diagnosed and treated correctly, and this problem might result in loss of affected teeth. The irregularities present in the root canal system and external root surface often complicates the chemomechanical preparation and root canal filling. Three-dimensional radiographical techniques, in particular cone-beam CT, have recently gained popularity as a valuable tool for the diagnosis and treatment of root resorptions. This lecture will discuss etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, classification, and current management approaches of the dental root resorptions via presentation of interesting clinical cases treated either with non-surgical endodontic treatment or surgical interventions. Careful clinical and radiographical examination will allow the clinician to determine the appropriate treatment plan for internal and external root resorptions and achieve a successful outcome.


Having graduated from Ankara Atatürk Anatolian High School in 1996, Prof. Dr. Özgür İlke Atasoy Ulusoy has started her dental education at Gazi University, Faculty of Dentistry. At the same institution, she obtained her Doctorate (PhD) degree in 2007 in the scientific area of Endodontics. She was assigned as Associate Professor in 2012 and Professor in 2018. Dr. Ulusoy is still working at Department of Endodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Gazi University with full-time involving educational, clinical, and research activities. She has authored many national and international scientific publications and presented many posters and oral talks in scientific meetings. Dr. Ulusoy is a member of Turkish Dental Association, European Endodontic Society, and Turkish Endodontic Society. Her research interests include dental traumatic injuries, pathological root resorptions, tricalcium silicate-based endodontic materials, and root canal irrigation protocols.