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Prof. Dr. Luca Cordaro

Full Arch Implant Supported Restorations: A Guide To A Reasonable Treatment Planning.

Implant dentistry has enormously developed in the last two decades and almost all patients may now benefit from implant supported restorations. Patient expectations have grown and patients demand not only a functional restoration but also a nice aesthetic outcome.

The surgical and restorative procedures are consequently  more complicated in the attempt to treat more patients, also with compromised clinical situations, with an acceptable outcome.

The clinician is currently faced with different treatment options. Some choices may reduce the complication of treatment and the burden for the patient.

The presentation will try to outline when modern technological improvement may lead to a simplification of treatment.
Several topics will be adressed:

  • the correct choice of the surgical procedure for the reconstruction of the atrophic maxilla,
  • Possible applications of flapless guided surgery in the elderly
  • Different overdenture design and their indications
  • Staged approach for the treatment of the irrational to treat dentition



  • to understand when extraoral bone harvesting is needed
  • to discuss how  to simplify treatment of the edentulous mandible
  • to illustrate an effective treatment option for the irrational to treat dentition