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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haktan Yurdagüven

In Porcelain Laminates; Which Material in which Case and how much Preparation

In response to an increasing patients’ demand for minimal invasive, more esthetic and long-lasting dental restorations, the use of porcelain laminate veneers has become a widespread approach to restore worn, misaligned, fractured, discolored and malformed teeth. Moreover, the clinical indications, material options, treatment strategies and preparation methods of lamina veneer restorations also have been changed due to the development of innovative ceramic materials.

The reduced thicknesses requested by the new biomimetic ceramic materials, together with an effective bonding to enamel and dentin, have allowed for a noticeable reduction of preparation invasiveness, leading to a significant preservation of tooth structure in agreement with the well consolidated principles of minimally invasive dentistry.
The purpose of this lecture is to discuss different views and the clinical considerations related to questions on the materials selection and minimal invasive preparation for the porcelain lamina veneer restorations.


Dr. Haktan Yurdagüven graduated from İstanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 1991. He received his Phd degree  on ‘Restorative Dentistry’ in 2001 from İstanbul University. He started to work as a faculty member at Yeditepe University department of Restorative Dentistry in 2003, Dr. Yurdaguven was promoted to Assistant Professorship in 2007 and  Associate Professorship in 2012. He has interested in restorative dentistry, direct and indirect restorations in esthetic dentistry, diastema closure methods, fiber-reinforced restorations and dental materials.