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Prof. Dr. Emel Olga Önay

Diagnosis and Treatment Methods in Cracked Teeth and Vertical Root Fractures
Cracked tooth syndrome and early vertical root fractures, often present a diagnostic conundrum to the dentist and a painful, frustrating event to the patient. The symptoms can be either indefinite or specific and they are often dependent on the depth and direction of the crack and the tissues involved. Discomfort associated with chewing is the most frequent symptom of cracked teeth, but unexplained sensitivity to cold is often experienced by patients. The radiographic evaluation is mostly insufficient for a definitive diagnosis. A combination of supportive evaluation methods, such as; transillumination, staining with dyes, diagnostic surgery, microscopy, and a cone-beam computed tomography scan is necessary to identify and confirm the presence of cracks. Cracks in teeth may occur in both horizontal and vertical directions involving the cown and/or root. Clinical management of the crack and/or fracture depends on its extent. Prevention of a potential crack or fracture has a fundamental importance, and early detection is essential.

Dr. Emel Olga Önay graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Dentistry in 1999, and continued her higher education in Endodontics and obtained a PhD in 2006 from Başkent University, Faculty of Dentistry. Between 2009 and 2015, she worked as a visiting professor at universities such as University of Washington, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Universita Di Siena and Comenius University in Bratislava. She received the Associate professorship degree in 2010 and became a Professor of Endodontics in 2018. Dr. Önay is currently working as a full-time faculty member at Başkent University, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Endodontics.
Dr. Önay’s research area is particularly focused on assessing the physical and biologic properties of endodontic bio-materials, root canal cleaning and disinfection, the use of lasers in Endodontics. Her department has also an epidemiological research line focusing on chronic renal failure patients and dento-alveolar traumatology. She has a variety of international and national publications on Endodontics.