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Prof. Dr. Zihni Cüneyt Karabuda

Guided Implant Surgery
Alveolar bone atrophy and absence of missing teeth challenges the proper positioning of implants in total  and partial edentoulus patients. Maxillofacial volumetric computerized tomography and three dimensional (3D) reconstructions enable clinicians to insert the implants in proper positions.  Surgical guides allow to transfer planned implant positions to the patient.By inserting implants with help of surgical guides,surgical and prosthetic complications can be prevented.In this presentation typeof surgical guides and usage of these guides in oral ımplantology will be discussed.


Prof. Dr. Zihni Cüneyt Karabuda was graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, , Istanbul University. His PhD thesis was completed in Dept. of Oral Implantology, Faculty of Dentistry, , Istanbul University ,1997. He was appointed to  professorship in 2009 and by the end of  2014 he was appointed as the head of the department of oral implantology in the same university. Prof Karabuda is a member of Turkish Dental Association,Turkish Society of Oral Implantology and Istanbul Dental Chamber.He is also general secretary and board member of Turkish Society of Oral Implantology.He has 25 papers published in the science citation index and has more than 500 citation and he contributed more than 90 national and international congress as a speaker. Since April 2019, he has been working in his own private clinic.

Research interest:
Sinus lifting,immediate implantation and immediate loading,bone grafting