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Dr. Bora Korkut

Direct composite resin restorations are preferred in anterior teeth as well as posterior teeth with the developing materials and methods in adhesive dentistry concept. These restorations are now comparable to ceramic restorations as they now have the ability to mimic the natural dental tissues very well and have the advantage of being minimally invasive in a single appointment. Crown fracture restorations, diastema closure restorations and laminate veneer restorations are the indications for restorations with both materials. Operator has the advantage of minimally invasive applications without even any preparations or with just slight preparations by using these materials in many cases. Correct application with proper indication is mandatory for long lasting direct composite and indirect ceramic restorations clinically. Bu konuşma da bu sorular ve cevapları, bilimsel kanıta dayalı olarak klinik vakalar üzerinden ele alınacak ve alanında uzman iki konuşmacı tarafından tartışılacaktır. How is the current situation for direct composite restorations in terms of being accused of having some disadvantages such as instability and discoloration compared to the ceramics in the past? Also what are the protocols and key points to increase the longevity of the restorations with both materials in clinical practice? In this lecture, these questions will be answered by two specialists in a scientific-based discussion.