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Durability of Anterior Composite Restorations Compared to Ceramics?

Direct resin composite restorations are preferred in anterior teeth as well as posterior teeth with the developing materials and methods in adhesive dentistry concept. These restorations mimic the natural dental tissues very well as they have advantage of being minimally invasive in a single appointment. In many clinical cases conservatively also no preparations is needed. Layering of natural dental tissues and creating macro-micro surface textures are some of the aesthetic details for resin composite restorations. Crown fracture restorations, diastema closure restorations and full veneer restorations are the indications for direct composite resins. Discolorations and especially structural stability are the topics for comparison for direct resin restorations and their main rival, indirect ceramic restorations. There are many clinical and laboratory researches about this comparison and recent advancements in these materials keeps the topic up-to-date. As well as correct indication, good isolation, proper technique, detailed polishing procedures and frequent recalls, the materal type also directly effects the success of the restoration. In this lecture, the clinical durability of the resin composites and indirect ceramics will be discussed comparatively and scientifically. Moreover, ‘which material type is better for which case in daily clinic’ topic will be discussed and clearified.


He was born in 1984, İzmir / TURKEY.

He graduated from Marmara University Dentistry in 2008 and started the career as a dentist.

He defended the doctorate thesis ‘The assessment of dimensional alterations of worn incisors in different time periods’ in Marmara University, Dentistry Faculty, Restorative Department in 2015 and got ‘PhD’ degree, also ‘Restorative Dentistry Specialist’ title.

He has been working as an ‘Asisstant Professor’ in Marmara University, Dentistry Faculty, Department of Restorative Dentistry since 2009.

He has many international and national researches and publications about direct aesthetic restorations, tooth wear and early diagnosis of caries lesions.

He has given many international and national lectures and courses about ‘Direct Anterior and Posterior Aesthetic Restorations’, ‘Dental Photography’ and ‘Tooth Bleaching’ since 2012.

Instagram: dr.borakorkut