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Prof. Dr. Arzu Arı Demirkaya

Road Accidents in Orthodontics
Orthodontic treatments are long-term treatments that aim to provide the best aesthetics and the best function for a given patient. Time, as a factor, as well as growth-and-development, are important components of treatment success. Without proper diagnosis and a detailed treatment plan, it may not be possible to obtain proper function and aesthetic harmony. Patients usually perceive and demand aesthetics of the anterior teeth and the smile comfortably. However, the orthodontic treatment plan must target facial aesthetics beyond that level, combined with a good occlusion and joint function.
The patient's level of co-operation and biological response, as well as the orthodontist’s knowledge, experience, and skill, play a role in the development of treatment complications. The neglect of temporomandibular joint function and dysfunctions, especially in adult patients, can have serious consequences.
In this presentation, in addition to treatment complications, errors especially in treatment planning and execution will be shown and discussed on examples.

Dr. Ari Demirkaya has completed her dental training at the University of Istanbul, in 1992. She obtained her PhD in orthodontics at Marmara University, in 1999, and started teaching at the same department in 2001 until 2008. Dr. Ari Demirkaya has been heading the orthodontic department of the private dental hospital Dentistanbul from 2010 to 2014. Since 2014, she is Head of the Department of Orthodontics at Okan University in Istanbul.  She works on lingual orthodontics, nasoalveolar molding and cleft lip and palate treatment, temporomandibular disorders, and orthognatic surgery.