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Prof. Dr. Alp Gürkan

Organ transplantation is a miraculous treatment that emerged in the last quarter of the 20th century in the field of medicine. The first successful kidney transplantation was performed in 1954 among the twin brothers, which was the hope of life for many patients. Nowadays, every organ is transplanted successfully. Organ transplantation is performed either with organs donated after brain death or with organs donated from living donors. While live donors can be used for kidney and liver, other organs do not have live donor options. For this reason, organ donation after brain death is essential for organ transplantation.
Brain death is the irreversible function of the brain stem. In accordance with the laws of our country, this situation is put into place by two-specialist committee consisting of neurosurgeon or neurologist and anesthesia or intensive care specialist by means of some clinical examination and assisted imaging methods. No patients returned after diagnosis. Today, there are about 30 thousand organs waiting in our country. Of these, 27,000 kidneys, 2500 liver, 500 patients waiting for the heart. The small number of patients waiting for liver and heart is not an adjunctive treatment method such as dialysis and the death of patients within 2 years. Since organ donation is well below the desired level in our country, 80% of organ transplants are from live donors. Therefore, it is very important to establish the awareness of organ donation in the society.
Organ transplantation is a very complicated surgical procedure and patients should be prepared for surgery very well. Therefore, they undergo a detailed health screening. Cancer patients and patients with active source of infection should not be considered for organ transplantation, if any, they should be treated first.
Although end-stage renal failure patients have a means of sustaining them, such as dialysis, kidney transplantation provides an average life of 2.5 times longer in each age group than dialysis. The benefit of kidney transplantation is not only related to the length of life, it is also advantageous in terms of mental and physical development, especially for children, in addition to a more comfortable life. In particular, early renal transplantation of patients with diabetes, hepatitis and children, even without receiving dialysis treatment, will be effective in increasing the success rate of renal transplantation.


In the course of my career, I have performed over 1,900 kidney transplants from cadaveric and live donors. I have also successfully completed numerous pancreas and intestinal transplants. In addition to my transplant work, I have also performed over 3,000 surgical procedures, primarily gastrointestinal oncologic surgeries, including over 60 laparoscopic surgeries for hiatal hernia and morbid obesity.
I have founded many transplant centers and worked in several university and educational hospitals in İzmir and İstanbul. Currently, I have been working in Okan University hospital as a chief of Organ Transplant Center and Professor in General Surgery Department since March 2017.   


  • Performed first laparoscopic kidney procedure from a live donor in Turkey
  • Established first kidney exchange transplant program in Turkey
  • Performed the first small bowel transplant in Turkey
  • Elected as the president of the Aegean Transplant Society
  • Elected as the president of the Aegean Surgical Society.

Medical Doctor:  Ege University Medical School  1975 - 1981

Post Doctoral Fellow
Center of Experimental Research, Yale University, New Haven,  1981 - 1983

General Surgery Residency
Ege University Medical School, 1983 – 1989

Visiting Surgeon
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston,  May 1993 – June 1993


  • ECFMG Certificate: April 1982
  • VQE Certificate: June 1982
  • Turkish Scientific Research Foundation- grant received:  May 1994
  • Turkish Department of Health- Excellence Award for Renal Transplant: 1997 and 1999
  • Renal and Dialysis Patients Association- Excellence Award: 1997
  • Izmir Medical Society- Outstanding Doctor Award: 1998
  • Turkish Organ Transplant Society- Top Researcher Award: 2002
  • Prime Minister's Medical Honor Award- bestowed for performing Turkey’s first intestinal transplant: 2004
  • Turkish Organ Transplant Society- Best Oral Presentation Award at the National Organ Transplant Congress: 2004 and 2008


  • 66 papers published in national journals
  • 34 papers published in international journals
  • 204 presentations at national and international congresses
  • 16 book chapters