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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Keleş

The Invisible Part of The Iceberg in Endodontics

Primary objectives of the root canal therapy are cleaning, disinfection and three-dimensional obturation of root canal system. Root canal anatomy itself provides challenges to achieve these goals. Fast development in the technology creates novelties in the field of endodontics just as in every field and allows the diagnosis and treatment of various anatomical variations and root canal system. Endodontic treatment is chosen over tooth extraction, which causes tissue loss in human, even for the most difficult cases and successful results are obtained. In this presentation, possible influences of root canal anatomy on endodontic treatment failure will be presented and possible ways for solution will be evaluated.

Dr. Ali Keles received his DDS degree in 2001 from Ataturk University and completed his PhD in the same university. He became an assistant professor in 2010 at İnönü University and received associate professor degree in 2014. He has been an associate professor since the first months of 2015 at Ondokuz Mayıs University. In 2016 he held a position as visiting professor at Loma Linda University in California. Although his interest fields included biocompatibility, dental anomalies and retreatment, he has focused on micro computed tomography studies in recent years. Dr. Keleş has 6 projects funded by national scientific and technological research council of Turkey on micro computed tomography and numerous scientific papers.