Important Dates


Dear Colleagues,

In 2019, we will mark two significant anniversaries related to our country and profession. 100 years ago in 1919, we lighted the torch of the National Independence Way and founded the Republic of Turkey as one of the modern and democratic states based on the enlightenment values of the Republic.

And this year, we will organize the 25th edition of TDA – Turkish Dentists Association’s International Dentistry Congresses, which we had organized the first edition in 1992.

We have been going through a period of time that scientific innovations and technological changes occur quickly. This process that is recognized as the 4th Industrial Revolution has introduced significant innovations in dentistry like in many other fields.

It is not only essential but also mandatory to follow up the innovations in dentistry, mainly the “Digital Dentistry’’. It would be very limited for those dentists excluded from this process to provide qualified dentistry services.

The international congresses of TDA provide the participants with the opportunity of not only acquiring knowledge and enlightenment but also remembering the past, making new friends and collecting memories. What does come to our mind when we say congress? 

As mentioned in the verses of Poet Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu: 

“When we say Istanbul, seagull comes to my mind 
Silver in half and foam in half 
Fish in half and bird in half 
When we say Istanbul, a fairy tale comes to my mind 
Once upon a time 
When we say Istanbul, Gülcemal comes to my mind.”
You will use the phrase; 

“When we say Istanbul, 25th TDA International Congress comes to my mind’’.

Celal Korkut Yıldırım
President of Turkish Dental Association & Congress

Dear Colleagues,
We will be gathering with you at a new congress!
Surely, each congress is based upon the previous congress and aims to organize it better and more efficiently.

2019 Congress will be the biggest event among those that have been organized so far, with the highest number of participants and by reaching the maximum level in terms of all factors.
Because we will leave behind a quarter century with this congress.
As a remarkable milestone during this journey of congresses embarked upon in 1992; we are very proud of organizing the 25th International Dentistry Congress together with our team and therefore, we have to assume significant responsibility.

Being aware of the responsibility on the side of Istanbul, which has always been a step ahead of the locations where congress is organized; we will do our best to make this congress indispensable along with the most hardworking committees in Turkey.
We would like you to join us on this scientific and dental equipment festival that will take place on September 4th to 7th, 2019.

Prof. Dr. Turhan Atalay
President of Dental Chamber Of Istanbul and Organization Committee