Important Dates


Dear Colleagues and Dear Students;

Diyarbakır is waiting for you for a dream where science and friendships will meet and you will be the creator.

We will meet in Diyarbakır, the city where history is written on stones for the 26th of TDA International Dental Congresses, which is a brand in the field of dentistry in our country.

TDA 26th International Dental Congress; Besides renewing the professional qualifications and taking them forward, the saturation of the scientific program and expodental exhibition, it calls you for the walls, stone bridges, food and cultural feast of 12 civilizations on the fertile lands irrigated by the Tigris River.

For centuries, civilizations uniting many languages, religions, cultures, and people have intersected and invited you with the tolerance and hospitality of the people who persevered the hardness of the climate and the Tigris. Our 26th TDA International Dental Congress led by Diyarbakır Chamber of Dentists, working with excitement and devotion; We present our gratitude in the hope that there will be a participation that will strengthen our professional cooperation.

Prof. Dr. Atilla Stephan Ataç
Turkish Dental Association & Congress Chairman

Dear Colleagues and Dear Students

The 26th of Turkish Dental Association International Dental Congress, will be held bin Diyarbakır in September 2021.

First of all, we are proud to host the organization of the largest dental congress in Turkey. I would like to point out that our goals in the congress that we will organize the 26th of it; is to saturate all participants scientifically and socially and to do the best of the congresses so far.

We think that this congress is a very good opportunity for our colleagues who want to see Diyarbakır and the region for years. We work very hard to prepare scientifically and socially satisfying content with more than a hundred colleagues in all committees.

I am sure that following all the current, innovative and technological developments in dentistry in this city with thousands of years of history will create very different emotions.

We expect all of our colleagues to this scientific and social feast in the mystical atmosphere of Diyarbakır in the fertile lands of Mesopotamia.

With my regards,

Yılmaz Sağır
Diyarbakır Chamber of Dentists and
Organization Committee President