Bülent GÖKÇE

Bülent Gökçe was born in 1974. He holds a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Ege in Izmir (1998). After graduation from the Dental School, he started his PhD at the University of Ege, Department of Prosthodontics. He has defended his PhD in 2004. In April 2010 he was promoted to be an Associate Proffessor in the field of Prosthodontics. He became a proffessor in 2016. He is working as a full-time Proffessor in all his faculty appointments and also has administrative functions. He is a frequent presenter and lecturer at scientific meetings, receiver of several international awards and has held numerous continuing education courses. He also has reviewing positions at the reviewer boards of several scientific journals.


Description Of A Simplified Restorative Technique Index-Free Abutments


Restorative procedures for implant supported fixed dentures might be challenging for indexed abutments and ardous index-free abutments. Indexed abutments facilitate particular abutment positioning, which helps the clinician to accurately place the abutments in place over the implants. On the contrary, index-free abutments provide 360˚ of universal abutment positioning with locking conical connection type implant-abutment connection. 
In this lecture a simplified clinical and laboratory restorative technique for screw and index-free abutments under fixed restorations with the use of verification jigs that facilitate the orientation and seating of the abutments will be described. The features of verification jigs that were specially designed for single crown, short span bridge and full mouth fixed restoration cases are explained in details. Practical information about the use of index-free abutments to retain implant-supported overdentures will be given.
Simplifying restorative procedures for screw and index-free abutments by reducing armamentarium through incorporating practical techniques will allow more clinicians to restore implants with screw and index-free abutments in their practices.