Ayça Arman-Özçırpıcı graduated from T.E.D Ankara College and Faculty of Dentistry of Ankara University and received her PhD in orthodontics in 2001 from the same University. She was appointed as Associate Professor in 2006 and Professor in 2012. Dr. Arman-Özçırpıcı has been working in Baskent University since 2002 in full time base, being involved in clinical activities, education and research. She is the chairman of the Orthodontic Department of Baskent University since 2007. Dr. Arman-Ozcirpici is member of editorial or reviewer boards of many international scientific journals and has 88 publications, 3 book chapters and over 100 congress/symposium presentations. She received the Orhan Okyay Research Award (2002, 2012, 2016) and Judson C. Hickey Scientific Writing Award (2007). Her main clinical and academic interests are; Class III malocclusions, orthognathic surgery, interdisciplinary treatment approaches, skeletal anchorage and accelerated tooth movement approaches. She is married and has two children.

Treatment Timing of Malocclusions. Early or late?

One of the critical decisions in treatment planning is treatment timing. There are conflicting ideas about early orthodontic treatment modalities, which are applied during deciduous or mixed dentition stages. Although early treatment applications demonstrate advantages including usage of the growth potential, minimizing the need for complex treatment mechanics, improving the stability of the result, there are instances when the treatment should be postponed. In this presentation differential diagnosis, treatment planning and early interdisciplinary treatment approaches used in the treatment of frequent orthodontic situations such as spacing problems, hipodontia, anterior\posterior crossbites, increased overjet, deepbite/openbite will be discussed via case presentations.