Born in 1958. Graduated from School of Dentistry, University of Ankara in 1982. In 1995 he became University Professor in periodontology.

He has been to Professor N.P. Lang’s department (University of Bern, Switzerland) in 1991 as a visiting scholar. He has worked in Professor Raul Caffessee’s department (University of Texas, Houston, USA) as a researcher in 1993.

Professor Parlar’s interest areas include clinical and experimental studies in the field of implant dentistry, esthetic dentistry, regenerative periodontics, mucogingival surgery, perio-prosthetic relations, guided tissue regeneration and guided bone regeneration. He has published more than 60 experimental and clinical papers in national and international journals. Dr. Parlar has extensively lectured in national and international congresses: he presented more than 140 lectures, conferences and free papers. He has lectured in USA, France, Italy, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Poland, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Austria, Bosnia Herzegovina as an invited speaker. He has received many research awards and grants:

In 1990, he received the “Excellence in Periodontal Research” Award by his presentation titled ‘ Parlar, A., Gazioğlu , O., Oygür,T. Salırlı F., Baloş K. In Vivo Responses of Periodontal LigamentCells to Different Root Surfaces Treated by Various Methods’ during IAP (International Academy of Periodontology ) 4th World Congress (1990 Istanbul). He is the recipient of the Second Place Poster Exhibition Award during the 1st Congress of European Federation of Periodontology with his study titled “Parlar, A., Caffesse,R., Rossmann, J.A., Oygür, T., Baloş, K., Nasjleti, C., Ghaffar, K: In Vivo Separation of Periodontal Ligament and Bone Cells. ‘ The First Scientific Meeting of European Society of Periodontology, EuroPerio1 May 12-15, 1994 Paris France ) The PhD thesis that he conducted won first place award during 1st International congress of Esthetic Dentistry Association ‘Çetiner D., Parlar A.: Comparison of connective tissue grafts versus different resorbable membranes for the treatment of localized gingival recessions.’ September 12-14, 1997. He received the First Place Poster Award during the Annual Congress of Swiss Society of Periodontology in 2002 with his study titled ‘ Parlar, A., Bosshardt, D.D., Ünsal B., Lang N,P., Çetiner D., Haytaç C.: et al.: New Formation of Periodontal Tissues Around Titanium Implants.’ 32nd Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Periodontology, Bern, Switzerland, September 12-14, 2002.) In 2007, he received the first place poster award during the joint congress of IAP (International Academy of Periodontology) ve SSP (Swiss Society of Periodontology) ‘Ates Parlar, D.D. Bosshardt, D. Çetiner, D, Schafroth, B. Ünsal; C. Haytac, A. Joss, N.P. Lang: Influence of various surface treatments on reosseointegration of contaminated implants’ (Ankara/Turkey and Berne/Switzerland) September 2007 Bern, Switzerland Finally in 2008 the PhD thesis he has conducted won first place award during 4. ITI Turkish congress in Istanbul (May 3-4 2008) ‘ Eylem Ayhan, Ates Parlar: Comparison of the effects of enamle martix protein (Emdogain) and Bio-oss collagen on bone formation in extraction sockets covered with punch grafts. ‘ The same study received a travel stipend grant for EAO (European Associaton for Osseointegration) meeting which will be held in Warsaw September 2008. He has been a delegate in the Workshops of European Academy of Periodontology in 1993, 1996 2001 and 2008. He has been a delegate in the ADEE (Association for Dental Education in Europe) Workshop on Implant Education – Prague 2008. Dr. Parlar was an ITI member since 1994 and member of ITI Training and Education Committee between 2001 – 2003. Dr. Parlar has participated to ITI Consensus meetings in 2003 and 2008 as a delegate. He has founded the ITI Turkish Section and was the first chairman of ITI Turkish section, he has also served as Education Delegate. He used to be a Borad Member of Education Committee and Chairman’s Committee in ITI (resigned from ITI as of march 2011). Dr. Parlar has established a continuing education and training institute for implantology and periodontology IDEA®™ (Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy). After 25 years of working Dr. Parlar decided to retire from his position in University of Gazi. Dr. Parlar continues his intensive lecturing both nationally and internationally. Professor Parlar is delivering master’s courses as ImplantMasters®™, PerioMasters®™ under his organization IDEA®™ (Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy). He is also practicing dentistry in his clinic: PrimaDent®™ Married and has two daughters.

Alveolar Ridge Augmentation Techniques in Dental Implantology

Alveolar ridge resorption after tooth loss is very common and may compromise the placement of implants. Especially in the esthetic zone the surgical positionioning of the implant requires adequate bone volume for satisfactory results. Defect morphology plays an important role in the success of alveolar ridge augmentation techniques. Bony defect with surrounding walls (intrabony defects) are easier to restore, however no-wall defects ( extrabony defects ) are much difficult to gain sufficient bone volume. Two basic surgical procedures, such as guided bone regeneration (GBR) through the use of resorbable and non-resorbable membranes, and intra- and extra-oral block grafting, , can be applied for reconstruction of alveolar ridge deficiencies. In this lecture bone augmentation techniques will be described and presented on cases.