Abstract Submission Deadline:
10.07.2018 23:59

Abstracts can be submitted only through the online submission system. The studies submitted by e-mail will not be evaluated.


To submit your abstract, first please sign in the submission system. After your account is created, you can submit your abstract(s) by following the 10 steps that the system will lead you.


The submission guideline and the mandatory rules to be followed are listed below. The abstracts that are not compliant with the guideline, will not be evaluated. The evaluation will be made by the reviews after the submission and the results will be announced following the evaluation process.



  - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  - Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
  - Dental Diseases and Treatment
  - Endodontics
  - Orthodontics
  - Oral Pathology
  - Pediatric Dentistry
  - Periodontology
  - Prosthodontics
  - Other



Presentation Types
-Oral Presentation
     Only research studies can be submitted as oral presentation.
-Poster Presentation
     Both research studies and case reports can be submitted as poster presentation.

Mandatory Rules to be Followed

  1. Submit your abstract via the online submission system.
  2. A participant can be ‘’presenting author’’ for only one abstract as either oral or poster. 
  3. The abstract should be submitted both in Turkish and English.
  4. Author names should not include any academic titles.
  5. Only the first letters of author names and surnames should be in capital. 
    Exp: Mehmet Kucuk
  6. The institutions of authors should be written as institution, faulty, department and city.
    Exp: Xxxx University, Faculty of Dentistry, Xxxx Department, Istanbul
  7. The abstract title should indicate the content clearly. The title should be composed of 10 words maximum.Whole title should be written in capital except the proper nouns pH or NaCI.
  8. If any abbreviation is used in abstract text, the extension of related abbreviation should be given in parenthesis.
  9. Research abstracts should be composed of four parts; objective, methods, results and conclusions.

    The purpose of the study and the importance of the subject should be indicated in objective part.
    Research model, samples, data collection methods and tools and statistical analysis should be indicated in methods part.
    Main finds of the research should be indicated in findings part.
    The man results and outcomes as reply to research question should be indicated in conclusion part.
  1. Case reports should be composed of 3 parts; objective, case report and conclusions.
  2. The abstract text should be composed of minimum 500 words excluding author, institution, title etc.; 250 words for English and 250 words for Turkish part.
  3. Minimum 2, maximum 4 keywords should be added.
  4. Tables and figures cannot be uploaded during the submission. 
  5. When an abstract is submitted, the authors are assumed to accept the publication of their study in book of abstracts.
The poster abstracts submitted as case presentation will not be eligible for Abstracts Awards.